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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Word choice wonders

The best writing makes use of language that conveys exactly what the reader needs to know as well as capturing the mood of the moment.  When we are encouraging our students to use "juicy" words or elaborate on a thought, at times it is hard for them to visualize the potential of word choice.

We can read them examples that should give them a picture in their mind but next time try using Telescopic Text which takes a simple sentence and expands it with a simple mouse click.  Each time you click a highlighted word the story will grow.  I am wondering how we could make our own using our Smart Boards or maybe someone has already done this. 

At Snappy Words there is no limit to how many different words can be entered into the search box.  Upon clicking Go word meanings and synonyms will "snap" into view creating a branching visual that boggles the mind.  By mousing over a word a definition will appear.  By clicking on a node more branches will grow that illustrate additional word associations. 

Thanks to Kelly Tenkely of iLearn Technology.

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